Goodbye and thanks for all the fish :-(

This site will close shortly – or possibly move to a different space unrelated to the University of South Wales  – as my services are no longer required. I’ve had fun and hope our meetings will flower into great fun creative explosions as writers or in whatever fields you wish to pursue.

This last to give you a leg-up – its as good as anything you’ll get from a bunch of lecturers spinning in a closed world of academia:  I shall continue to tweet @r_ateb for those who still havent followed.  Grab details of your friends and colleagues from the website where they are listed.  Let me know how you are all getting on!

Good night and good luck – one of my favorite movies – check it out!

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Leigh Joslin – Alumni

Having an agent is pretty much essential if hoping the get a screenplay made – particularly in the USA where you will find all unsolicited scripts are returned unopened and at the writers first point of contact with a producer or studio they will say – Submit it through your agent!

Leigh Joslin (who still uses his wordpress account to good effect)completed his MA last year and shows how gentle persistence can pay when approaching writer’s agents:

After a couple of months, once the Christmas period passed she emailed me a page “report” of feedback on my script, MÆLDUNE. She was very nice and positive and had a few pointers for me to consider to improve the story. She noted it as a, “passion project” one of which is unlikely to be made as of right now for a first-time writer (which we expected) and she signed off wishing me well for the future.

I took the opportunity to ask if I could email her in a few months time with a new project, something different and with a smaller scope and budget. She’s replied saying I am free to contact her with new scripts, so perhaps she can prove to be a priceless contact for me.

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Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Take care over copyright when using material/ video clips on your site.

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Welcome/Welcome Back to the Scriptwriting MA

This is the refreshed University of Wales MA scriptwring online (e-portfolio) site

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